Hello people! We are sure you have come across the viral ‘Kamlesh‘ video on Facebook and probably have shared memes and videos based on it. Today, we are here to share coolest of the ‘soluchan memes‘ flying over the internet.

Here is the source video from where screengrabs are being taken for creating memes 

Finished laughing? Now pause and activate the thought mode that we have stopped using since long. Is it just another video? Is it a ‘light-hearted comedy? Is it targeted at making us laugh?

The 3-minute long video is a section of a documentary called ‘Nashebaaz – The Dying People Of Delhi’ by Dheeraj Sharma. 

Well, let us count you the points that went unnotified behind the veil of comedy

1) Kamlesh is a 13 YO kid from Bhopal (that’s what he says but we don’t know). Why is he in Delhi today? How did he come from Bhopal to Delhi? Alone?

2)He says 70% of his earnings he spends on his drugs. Earnings? Isn’t it illegal for children less than 14 years of age to work?

3)He says he does all drugs but loves ‘soluchan’ the most. How did he come to know about such wide varieties of addictions? Definitely not by his own!

4)He says he had once stopped taking drugs and had vomited blood. Vomited blood, is that a minor ailment to be just overlooked or mocked at?

5) He has his mother back home. He has a family. Do they know his whereabouts? About his addiction?

6)When warned of death, he just shrugs off. Is that the attitude of a kid towards life and death?

7)Lastly, how many Kamlesh are we missing

A video blogger and social media influencer Divyanshu Damani reached out to the director of the documentary and here is what he has to say about the meme trend

The video was shared on Divyanshu’s Facebook Page and has gone viral with 1 million views in a day.While most of the reactions from people are positive in nature and reinstate our hope, there are still some meme creators who are justifying it.

Did any of us try to enquire where is Kamlesh now? How is he? No! Because we were sharing memes. You know what? More than this kid, we got to feel sorry for ourselves.

Sitting in our air-conditioned rooms and making memes of someone and passing it off as something cool and dank is the latest trend that has emerged. Even leading content creators and publishers love to create these insensitive “dank” memes for some easy likes and shares.

We know there will be people in the comment section asking us to take this as a light-hearted humorous content. To all such people, we would like to us how is making fun of someone’s misery cool? How are you different from those people who believe in taking pics of dying people instead of helping them?

We have become so insensitive and naive that we are accustomed to making fun of anything and everything. And these memes prove how miserably we have failed as a society.

(This story is brought to you in collaboration with Divyanhsu Damani. You can check his Fb page more worthy contents here)

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