July 26,1999- Kargil war came to an end. One of the bloodiest wars that claimed the lives of numerous soldiers in the history. The events that took place in the war
May 1999- the war began
July 4- tiger hill captured
July 14- operation Vijay successful
July 26 – war ended, Loc free from Pakistani infiltrants.

Let’s read The unseen and unheard saga of this war from the hero who lived through it. Posted by Being You, read the full story here :

“In May 1999, Indian Armed Forces were suddenly called to the Line of Control(LOC). The Indian Army had launched Operation Vijay. I was a part of 13 Battalion -Jammu and Kashmir Rifles team and was twenty five years old when I was inducted into the battle field. My team Charlie and another, Delta, were chosen to regain hillock Point 4785 which was infiltrated. The date was July 4th 1999.

source : Being You/ photo by Senthil Kumar

July 4th dawned. At 2:00 PM, my jawans and I sat down for lunch, and the unit pandit performed the havan and applied tilak on everyone’s forehead. Before we set out, I had to ask my team for one ‘unposted letter’, which would be given to their families incase they didn’t return. Our wallets, pictures of loved ones and any other material had to be deposited, so in case any of us got captured our identity would not be revealed. It was an emotional moment for all. At about 6:30 PM, we started towards the peak. It was a high altitude warfare and the terrain was very steep with loose rocks, and to top it off, the weather was bad as well. It was just before daybreak when the enemy sighted us and the war began.

I, along with six others, launched the initial attack. After making progress in the first attack, I noticed that my buddy who was paired with me was martyred. It was 5:00 AM on July 5th. We went on and kept fighting day and night. An MMG(Medium Machine Gun) was continuously firing and hampering our uphill movement. Rifleman Sanjay Kumar volunteered to neutralise it, He climbed the steep hill towards the enemy camp and took the MMG in bare hands while his buddy opened fire.

On July 6th, my commanding officer contacted us and asked if we needed food supplies. Our last meal had been lunch on 4th July. I told him what we needed was ammunition. Food can wait. He sent us reinforcements along with Captain Vikram Batra, a man known to be a fearless fighter. His entry gave us a new josh and created a lot of unrest amongst the enemies. Together, we captured all the bunkers except one. By the morning of July 7th, There was fierce fighting and suddenly a grenade landed near me in the bunker. I knew that everything in a 10-metre radius would be shredded and it has a time lag of only four seconds.

source : wiki

I tried throwing it back but it hit a boulder and rolled back. I just rolled down to my right to save my upper body. The grenade went off and my legs were badly damaged but I was still alive. I picked up my gun and started firing again. Captain Vikram Batra came and pulled me off the bunker and asked me to leave but I wanted to see us to victory. I refused to budge. He threatened to call the attack off, and I started crawling my way back.

I crawled 150 metres before I found a boulder to rest against and check the damage. One of the soldiers put me on his shoulders and carried me to the base camp, avoiding the bullets fired at us. I had to bite my uniform to stop myself from screaming out of pain. On July 8th, I was airlifted out. While I was up above, my nursing assistant gently nudged me to show the tricolour atop Point 4875 in full glory. I was devastated to hear that Captain Vikram Batra had attained martyrdom.

In Delhi, I had eight surgeries and was bedridden for six months. I was in the hospital for 21 months. I was told braces and crutches would be a part of my life. I was medically boarded out of the Indian Army. Today, I limp a bit but walk on my own and work as a civilian in the Military of Defence.

On July 26th, 1999, Indian Armed Forces successfully completed Operation Vijay. The price had been steep, though. 527 soldiers sacrificed their lives and 1363 were injured in the operation.

source : wiki

If I am given another chance, I would fight again to protect my motherland. I have and I always will serve my country. As Captain Batra said “I will either hoist the tricolour or come back wrapped in it.”
~ Captain Naveen Anaberu //Pic: Senthil Kumar


The war ended on July 26, but the scars remain till date. India claimed it’s victory over Kargil, yet many mother’s lost their sons, wives lost their husbands, and sisters lost their brothers. The martyrs of the war, and the ones who survived deserve respect and accolades for their courage and determination to save their motherland. The fighters might have had one belief in their hearts “Each hill that we ascend seems to take us closer to our deaths, but for the country we shall just keep walking, till our last, till our very last’.


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