In a heartwrenching incident from Karnataka, 43 students of Alaghatta government high school in Chitradurga district traveled 250km overnight to save their school from getting closed. The students in their uniform reached CM’s residence at 5 am. However, they got a chance to meet chief minister H D Kumaraswamy around 10.45 am.

After meeting the CM, the students described their situation and requested to prevent the shutting down of their school. After listening to their case patiently, Kumaraswamy ordered officials to ensure that the school is not shut down.

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The students told the CM that they were informed that their school, which is 24 years old, will be closed as it had the strength of only 50 students. They were also told that they will be shifted to a new school which is 15 km away from the current location. Saddened by the news, the distraught students along with villagers left their village around 11.30 pm on Sunday night and reached the CM residence on Monday morning.


Listening to the cries of “CM Sirr” by the students the CM who was about to leave, met the villagers and assured that the school will not be closed. As per the report, Gram Panchayat member of Alaghatta, E Nagaraj, believes education department officials were helping the private school lobby by shutting down the decades-old school. “We protested against the department’s decision for a couple of days but no one bothered to listen to us. This pushed us to meet the CM to seek justice,” he said.

In a country where children with poor financial conditions already miss their schools, such action would only discourage them from getting a proper education. In case this is a work by private schools lobby, a proper investigation should be done and proper action should be taken against those found guilty.

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