Karnataka: In a tragic incident in Chitradurga, Karnataka, a bear was brutally beaten by the villagers for entering in the human habitat recently. There’s more to the cruel treatment; just when the bear climbed a tree in order to save itself from the villagers, the villagers set the tree on fire. The helpless creature fell off the tree to save itself from the fire and suffered severe injuries. The bear was later released in the jungle.

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The shocking part of the story is that the forest officials were right there witnessing the entire incident and yet they did not take any serious action against the villagers. The villagers violated the rule of causing harm to an animal and also burning the tree on fire. The forest officials did not arrest even a single villager involved in the mishap.

They stepped back from their duty when they were needed the most. The video of the same will tear you into pieces.

Sensitive content ahead.

A team of firemen later arrived to put off the fire.

The man-animal conflict has risen in the past few days, where clearly the man is taking advantage of his power over helpless creatures. The need of the hour is to understand the importance of natural habitat of wild-life over capitalist development.

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