Humanity is the first and foremost thing which gets inculcated into a human being before any religion or any sect. But time to time several horrific incidents keep surfacing which ashames the humanity to its lowest point.A similar incident has come to light from Madikeri town of Karnataka where a daily wage worker was thrown into a cage with dogs.


Hareesh,32 is a daily wage worker in plantation farm.He had borrowed ₹4000 from his Employer Kishan but when he failed to return the amount, Kishan with his associate Madhu locked him up in the cage where he was attacked by three dogs.


The incident occurred when Hareesh stopped coming to the plantation farm of Kishan as he had got a good job in one of his relative’s shop in the town recently. While enquiring about the Hareesh’s whereabouts, Kishan and Madhu reached to the shop where Hareesh was working.


They asked him to repay his loan but due to lack of money Hareesh showed his incapability to pay the amount at the moment. This irked the duo and they dragged him out of the shop and drove to the plantation farm where they finally locked him in the cage with canines.

They later left him near a community health center. After first aid, Hareesh went to Mysuru for further treatment. Once Hareesh returned, he went to the police and filed a FIR against his former Employer Kishan and his associate Madhu.

The Indian Feed believes that police will do its job properly and justice will be delivered to Hareesh who has suffered an inhuman behavior with so called humans.

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