Karnataka: Four months ago, when Karnataka’s Government announced a 44,000-crore farm loan waiver scheme, the farmers in the state rejoiced and finally started believing that the present Government will not let them down.

As per reports, Cooperation minister Bandeppa Kashempur told the legislative assembly on Wednesday that only a handful of 800 farmers have been benefitted by the scheme so far.

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Before becoming the CM, HD Kumaraswamy, in his party rallies vowed to waive farmers’ loans within 24 hours of assuming office and when asked about the current situation Kashempur mentioned that the delay was not due to a shortage of funds but the generation of final list known as the green list.

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He also said that the government was expecting 43 lakh applications from farmers, including 20 lakh farmers who have availed loans from the cooperative banks and the rest from the nationalised banks.

He added that the various banks are supposed to be sending in their information and once the two databases — submitted by farmers and the banks get cross-checked, the green list will be prepared and the scheme will help the farmers in need.

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