In the last few months, many hospitals including Fortis and Max have been found guilty of medical negligence. What makes it more shocking is the fact that these hospitals and their medical professionals charge a hefty sum of money from the patients and even then fail to provide proper attention to them.

In yet another incident of alleged medical negligence a Karnataka man bled to death after a dentist Dr. Veeresh Magalad allegedly pulled his three teeth out, reports TOI. However, the doctor has refuted the allegations.


The police complaint filed by the patient Abdul Khader’s brother states that the patient was taken to Dr. Malagad’s clinic on December 8th for the treatment of his tooth pain.After the dentist extracted three teeth the patient suffered severe bleeding. After three days he was admitted to the ICU of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS).However, he did not recover and died on Saturday night.

The complainant has further told that the dentist visited the patient when he was in a coma and provided him Rs 10,000 on compassionate grounds and also took his fingerprints on a letter saying that the doctor was not responsible for his death.The family has told that the patient was in a coma while his fingerprints were being taken.


According to the media report KIMS director, Dr. D D Bant has also said Khader was in a coma when he was brought to the hospital.However, refuting the claims Dr. Magalad said that he was informed about the bleeding of the patient only after he was admitted to KIMS after which he visited him and provided Rs 10,000 financial assistance as the family was poor.

On asking about the thumb impression the dentist said, “How would KIMS allow us to take a thumb impression if the patient was in a coma or in the ICU?”

We hope the post-mortem report reveals the reason behind his death and action is taken against the concerned medical professionals if found guilty of medical negligence.

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