Karnataka: Another incident of probable lynching over fake rumours of child lifters happened on Wednesday in the Mandya district where the suspicious ‘child lifter’ was none other than the father of the child.
Mahesh, a resident of Hindupur in Karnataka’s border with Andhra Pradesh was there to meet his son from his estranged wife.

Mahesh, who is a native of Andhra Pradesh and is separated from his wife, arrived in K R Pet Wednesday morning with some friends and blocked the school bus in which his children were going to school.


He was trying to stop the school van and was forcing his son to come with him. Meanwhile, others noticing Mahesh’s car and the boy refusing to go took him to be a child lifter. It got more suspicious because Mahesh’s car had an Andhra Pradesh registration number. The locals intervened and started beating him up.

The situation got worse and only Mahesh’s estranged wife could stop the mob after confirming that he was the child’s father.
According to a report by The Deccan Chronicle, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in Lok Sabha, “These are unfortunate incidents. We had issued an advisory on this recently, and one in 2016 also. Social media being used to spread fake news and rumours is also a reason. We have asked social sites for regulation.”

On July 13, a mob lynching incident happened in the Bidar district of Karnataka wherein one died and the other two were severely injured.

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This incident again focuses on the fact of how people take matters into their hands because of how misinformed they are. It is important for us to see what we’re into, before taking an action.

Mahesh was wrong on his part too by forcing his child to come with him. But the locals should have asked for the same and if things were going out of hands between Mahesh and his son, they should have informed the police instead of deciding to beat him up.

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