Earlier they tied people to the fronts of jeeps & paraded them around villages to deter protestors. Now they just drive their jeeps right over protestors. Is this your new SOP @MehboobaMufti sahiba? Ceasefire means no guns, so use jeeps?”  tweets Mr. Omar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir to the sitting CM Mehbooba Mufti expressing his anguish over the incidence.

What incidence? Well, on Friday, near Jamia Masjid a group of stone pelters emerged after the evening prayers shouting anti-national slogans and got into a fight with local police. Suddenly, a CRPF vehicle carrying second-in-command of 28 Battalion, SS Yadav entered the visual field of the stone pelters and immediately drew their attention.

They (protesters) came very close, some of them even climbed on the vehicle. The protesters were trying to lynch people inside the vehicle and the driver was trying to get out of the situation,” says CRPF PRO Sanjay Sharma.

“Some 500 to 600 people gathered around his vehicle when he was checking the deployment of troops in Nowhatta area. The mob tried to take him out of the vehicle and lynch him. Somehow he was protected. Some people even climbed atop his vehicle and damaged it with big rocks”, said Sharma.

Stones, laathis, cycles and some other weapons enough to kill any human were then targeted at the vehicle. The driver desperately tried to drive the Jeep far from the crowd and in these attempts of his two protesters, Yunus Ahmed and Kaiser Ahmed were run over by the vehicle. Yunus is under treatment while Kaiser passed away after being on life support system for a while.

The social media is divided over the incident, while some are sharing the zoomed and cropped images of stone pelters coming under CRPF vehicle to sympathize with the youths,

other are sharing the video where it can be clearly seen that the bloodthirsty mob of around 100-200 people was doing everything they can, to stop the vehicle and lynch the army men inside it

The police have filed two First Information Reports or FIRs against the CRPF’s Srinagar unit and charged it for an attempt to murder and rash driving.

Now before this enrages you and you begin criticising CRPF’s irresponsible act brutally like many other netizens, please let us know what would you have done if it were you and your family inside the Jeep? Imagine two men in a Jeep and some 400 men throwing bricks and stones at them, shattering the glasses of the vehicle and climbing on it with just one Motto- lynching the passengers. Your human instincts would force you to press the accelerator and drive away as soon as possible and the driver did just that! They are men in uniform doesn’t mean they have no right to protect their lives. As they were just trying to save themselves, two uncontrolled youth fell under their wheels.

We’re not defending anyone here. We are deeply saddened by the incident and convey our condolences to the families of the bereaved but think for yourself once. Is it anything more than an accident?

Indian Government has already called a truce with the terrorists by declaring ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan. Hence, there have been no firings to control the unruly mob. In a few days, Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh is to visit the valley and look into the prospects of Amarnath Yatra which is to begin on 29th June.

Needless to say, this incident will be politicised by every other political party according to their own advantage. Few Media houses will portray CRPF as a villain without allowing you some space to analyze that army officers aren’t superheroes who can fight 200 Stone pelters single-handedly. Had the scenario been opposite, had the army personnel bled to the stones of pelters, the news wouldn’t have had caused this big spark. Because we are used to the bias.

Even the Jammu & Kashmir police have bashed the local Kashmiri websites for reporting a selective version of the story

Before you share the viral images and videos of the Kashmiri youth being crushed over by CRPF Jeep and abuse our army over your social media handles, take some time to think and analyze too. Why condemn a lynching only after it’s done, why can’t we condemn people who try to lynch someone?

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