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On Tuesday a Tirupur court sentenced Six persons to death in connection with the honor killing of a 22-year old Dalit man Shankar in full public view in nearby Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu in March last year.

The accused who have been sentenced to death include the father of the woman, who had married the Dalit man against the wishes of her family.

Why was the man murdered?

The gruesome case of honor killing which sent shock waves across the nation was committed in March last year. The Engineering graduates fell in love while studying at an engineering college in Palani and got married around eight months before the incident.


The 20 years old girl Kaushalya who hails from the socially dominant Thevar community (OBC) was threatened by her mother before her marriage.”My Amma threatened me repeatedly that she will kill me. She told me I was better off dead than married to him,” 20-year-old Kausalya Sankar had told Tirupur Principal District and Sessions Judge Alamelu Natarajan as reported by TheNewsMinute.

According to TNM report, Kaushalya’s father had also made a kidnapping attempt before offering Rs 10 lakhs to Sankar for leaving his daughter. However, Sankar refused to take the money. This is when the family decided to kill him.Kaushalya’s father Chinnasamy then approached a distant relative with a criminal background to execute the murder plan.

Chinnasamy withdrew Rs 50,000 and gave it to these men. He also took a hotel room in Palani for them in his own name. We had enough evidence to show that he had booked the room for these men, and in the week they stayed there, they constantly tailed Kausalya and Sankar,” DSP Vivekanandan was quoted as saying.

On March 13th when the married couple went to shopping their love story met a brutal end.The criminals armed with hatchets and sickles killed Shankar in broad daylight.The youth died en route to the hospital.Kaushalya also received multiple blows however she survived.

Scene of crime
The killers / Source

The case drew outrage as a video showing the deadly attack was telecast by TV channels.

Apart from the 6 men who were sentenced to death including girl’s father, Tirupur Principal District, and Sessions Judge Alamelu Natarajan also sentenced another accused to life term and another to five years imprisonment in the case.

The judge acquitted three other accused, including the mother of the woman as reported by Hindustan Times.The case has been treated as “honor killing”.

Kausalya is now a strong woman who campaigns across the nation against honor killing/ Source

We wholeheartedly welcome the court’s decision and hope that this will serve an example for the people who still consider honor killing as an option to impose their will on a consensual couple. No one has the right to kill people for their so-called ‘honor’, not even parents. What is even more shameful in the case is the fact that Kaushalya’s father wanted to set an example of honor killing with the murder of his son-in-law and daughter. Sick world we live in!

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