Kerala: A man accused of raping a 16-year-old girl was seen marching for the justice of the same victim.

On November 16, a teenage girl was gang-raped by a man she met on Facebook. His friends and he recorded a video and later on threatened the victims family to extort money. The incident came into light when the survivor’s brother and her mother registered a complaint at the Taliparamba station regarding the same.

One of the accused named Mridul created a fake ID under the name ‘Anjana’ to speak with the girl and later on convinced the girl to meet at the lodge where the incident actually took place.


Following the incident, the police also found out that the girls’ father sexually harassed her for over two years.
On Tuesday, a group of members marched in the Parassinikadavu area which was conducted by the DYFI – the youth wing of the CPI(M) of Kannur district seeking justice for the same teenager.

The accused, Nikhil Mohanan (Nikhil Thaliyil), secretary of a DYFI unit from Thaliyil in Kannur, was spotted, wearing a red jersey marching in a small crowd, as per reports.
However, when the police turned in four arrests in the same case, Nikhil was found to be one of them.
“The protest march was held two days ago when the news just broke and no arrests were made. Nikhil was arrested on Thursday after the police found his involvement in the gang-rape case,” a local media source from Kannur told TNM.


DYFI district secretary in Kannur, Sanoj VK said, “Nikhil used to be a unit secretary; but not anymore. We had some issues with him, including his drinking problem. Due to this, he wasn’t given any important positions in the party. He usually participates in such protests and other events. Regarding the protest march held on Wednesday, I am not sure if he has participated in it but media reports have said so. However, the march did happen near his area.”

Sixteen cases have been registered at five stations by the Kannur police with a total of 12 accused been arrested so far.
Five men, including the receptionist of the lodge, were earlier arrested by the cops. They are Sandeep Matool, Shamsuddin, Shabbir, Ayub and the receptionist of the lodge where the gang rape took place, Pavithran. 
A separate case has been registered by the Valapattanam police station against the father of the child.

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