It’s not a new thing that some social media fanatics are trying to defame people and impose their ideals on them.Remember how cricketers Mohammad Shami and Irrfan Pathan were abused because they according to the social media hooligans gave their wives too much freedom, or how actresses Tapasee Pannu and Esha Gupta were widely slut-shamed because of their dressing choices.It seems some people just cannot mind their own business.


Recently the health department of  Malappuram organized a flash mob to raise awareness about AIDS, the video went massively viral because three dental students were seen dancing to the song Entammede Jimikki Kammal with their heads covered in veils and wearing jeans.

The moral police took no time to lash out at these women.They said such costume is against their religious belief and also such dancing of girls in public will unleash immorality in men and it will cause more anarchy in society instead of making public aware of AIDS.

Source: TheNewsMinute

According to TheNewsMinute, various posts said that people were lucky there was no tsunami in Malappuram. Another said: “Guess there’s not enough space in these girls’ home to tie them down, and hence they have been left free!”

Amidst some of the hate comments many people of the same community were seen supporting the women too by saying they have done nothing wrong. As reported by TOI Social media activist and medical officer in Manjeri Dr Shimna Azees, said in an FB post that “It is very unfortunate that a section of people are considering women as only an ‘object’ and they should realise that abusing girls in public for the dance is also against their religious belief“.

Apart from her the Deputy District Medical Officer of Malappuram, Muhammed Ali also slammed the people abusing the women and said the mob was organized by the students of the private dental college to raise awareness amongst the public.”Not only the dental college students but girl students from several other colleges and schools also participated in various public functions including street play and public rally organized in connection with the campaign”, he said to the media.

The Indian Feed strongly condemns the whole incident and hope the fundamentalists understand soon that even the women have as much freedom as they have. We hope the girls don’t face any backlash due to the shameful comments by the moral police.


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