National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) has always remained in controversies for one reason or the other. From translation issues with its papers in languages other than English to assigning inconvenient exam centers to students, NEET has recently remained in the news for all the wrong reasons.

According to a report by TNM, now an 18 years old female student has filed a police complaint against one of the invigilators for staring at her inappropriately.

The girl who appeared for the exam at the Lions School in Koppam in Palakkad district of Kerala, had a traumatic experience once she reached the centre. During the security check she was asked to remove her bra as it had metal hooks which violates the CBSE dress code for the exam.

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The aspirant along with 25 other girls decided to follow the order even though they had to remove the inner-wears behind an empty sack instead of room.

Before entering the exam hall she also handed over her shawl to her relative who was assisting her. However, her trauma didn’t end there. In the complaint that she has filed, the teenager has alleged that inside the exam centre a male invigilator stared at her chest repeatedly during the course of the exam. According to her complaint, she “felt humiliated” by this violation. To avoid the invigilator’s stares she had to cover her chest with the question paper due to which she wasn’t able to see question papers and wasn’t able to focus on her exams

“He kept dropping into the class once in a while. In the entire duration of the test, he came to my class at least 4 times. The first time, I did not pay much attention when he came and stood near me. But then after sometime he returned and I felt that he was standing in front of me for an unusually long time. When I looked up, I caught him staring at my chest,” the girl was quoted by TNM.

The invigilator came and stood before her several times. He did not look at her face.. but at her chest. she tried to cover herself with the question paper,” her sister told television channels.

“She had followed the dress code, was dressed in a light colored half sleeve top, she wasn’t wearing a shawl. Asking her to take off her bra was itself a traumatizing experience for her. Above that, the male invigilator stared at her disrespectfully. She was scared out of her wits,” her relative was quoted in the report.

When the girl returned home and talked with her friends, she discovered that it was only at her examination centre that female students wearing bras with metal hooks were asked to remove them. However, the cops have clarified that this issue cannot be taken up since it is in adherence to prescribed guideline by the CBSE but section 509 (eveteasing by word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) has been slapped against the male invigilator.

The North Town police have initiated an investigation based on girl’s complaint and said that all the invigilators at the exam centre were ladies, the man who stared at her was an external CBSE official.

parents protesting against the enforcing of dress code NEET 2017

Last year also, controversy had erupted over the strict dress code adherence of NEET exams where students were asked to remove their bras with metal hooks in addition to jeans with pockets or long sleeved clothes.

Many NGOs had termed it as violation of human rights as the students who were shocked by this traumatic experience said that they were not able to focus on their paper due to such humiliation.

We hope proper action is taken against the invigilator for harassing the candidate and affecting her exams and career, if the allegations are found true.

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