When Lakshmi Ammal from Thaikkattussery, Thrissur, had lost her husband 21 years ago, Kochaniyan, an assistant caterer to her husband took care of her. When Ammal’s husband was on his death bed, he told Kochaniyan to take care of her.

“We’ve been in love for long and finally it’s happening,” said 65-year-old Lakshmi Ammal as she is getting ready to marry Kochaniyan, 66. As per reports, the wedding will be held on December 30 and will also be the first to be organized by a government old-age home in the state.


As a part of his job, Kochaniyan was always on errands. He fell unconscious at a street in Kozhikode due to fits. An NGO put him in an old age home in Wayanad. Two months ago he was shifted to the old-age home at Ramavarmapuram where Ammal had been living for the past 11 months.

Even though Kochaniyan is in his old age, the radiance on his face couldn’t leave when he was asked about his wedding.“We’re happy that everyone is joining us to make our wish a reality,” he said. It was the old age home’s superintendent V G Jayakumar, who after coming to know about the relationship between Ammal and Kochaniyan from other inmates, took the initiative to arrange their wedding.

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Jayakumar shared their story of love with John Daniel, the UDF councilor and the corporation’s welfare standing committee chairman, who assured to do whatever he can to organize their wedding.“Though we gave them the word to organize the wedding, there were doubts about whether it was legally allowed in an old age home. But Jayakumar came up with the minutes of a meeting held in the presence of superintendents of all old age homes in the state where a decision was taken to encourage such weddings between inmates of the center,” said John.

Jayakumar said the wedding would be a memorable function. “Many of the inmates of old age homes may have someone to care for or visit them at least monthly or yearly. But for some, they are all alone with no one to care for other than their friends in the old age home. Such unions will help them remain happy for the rest of their lives,” he said.

It is said, when you truly love someone, age doesn’t matter, nor does time. It’s doesn’t matter whether there’s any sort of difference, because love is love and love has no boundaries. The Indian Feed wishes Ammal and Kochaniyan a very happy married life!

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