It is a bliss to read that so many youngsters are taking a step forward for a better future by not mentioning their caste and religion while getting admitted in the schools during 2017-18. Happening in Kerala, it sure swipes away the concept of religious rigidity and brings free thinking in the context of education. The number crosses 1,24,147 as according to a statement made by Education Minister C Raveendranath in the Assembly.

“At a time when an impression is being created that Kerala has turned more radical and people are increasingly falling under the grip of religious slavery, the minister’s revelation ignites a lamp of hope. I urge the government to release a district-wise list of the children who have broken free from the clutches of religion. The media, activists and secular communities should give it wide publicity. There is a wrong impression among the people that if we don’t enter the details of our religion and caste, it will be difficult to get a job,” said writer and activist M N Karassery said.


Though definitely, it is an indication of progressive thinkers and breaking of boundaries, some people still think that it is some rubbish.It is always claimed that using religion and caste, there is a wide division in people undermining the social status of the country, after this step, it is sure going to be a promising future for Kerala and its people bringing in social equality. Thanks to good minds and people of good understanding that they have finally believed that nowadays god is money and power and that the moral values because of this have been severely declining.

The decision of Congress MLA V.T. Balram and CPI(M) MP M.B. Rajesh to leave the religious column blank was widely discussed in various forums last year. Both had announced their decisions on their respective Facebook pages, garnering many likes.

“I have written ‘no’ in the column for religion and caste. I am proud of the fact,” Rajesh had written on his Facebook page.

It is an inspiration for the whole nation. It is a step of admiration, understanding, practicality and clarity.

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