Every time a girl decides to speak up about her harassment, she is often silenced
or asked questions like why she didn’t react at the time of harassment or why is she speaking up after such a long duration?
Unfortunately, the answer to all these questions lies in the manner in which a victim
is treated in our society, from social exclusion to being accused of bringing a bad name to the family they face it all. So, the only option that remains with them is to react at the moment and teach their harassers a lesson.

This is what happened in Thiruvananthapuram. According to a TheNewsMinute report, Nikitha Suresh, 19, who is a second-year law student taught her harasser a lesson and took him to the police station. What is more surprising the fact that the molester was a cop.


Reportedly, the incident took place on last Saturday at a parking lot of Trida shopping complex where Nikitha was present with her mother and sister Neha.

TNM quotes Niktha, who is trained in martial art, as saying, “My mother was driving the car and there was a tricky slope she had to drive over. It was a familiar place as we frequently go there. My sister and I were standing outside the car, while our mother was trying to get the car out. Suddenly, this man came and told my mother something very sexually explicit, about women driving. After this, he walked past me, groped and tried to flee. I was taken aback for a moment but chased him before he managed to escape. I kicked him on his leg so that he wouldn’t escape and then people gathered around. My sister too reacted strongly, shouting at the man”.

When the family took the molester to the police station they realized that he is a head constable at a local police station. The cop has been charged with harassing and verbally abusing women.


Nikitha and her sister are trained in Karate and believe that these techniques have surely helped them in strongly reacting to such harassment cases.We hope more people encourage their children to join such self-defense classes. While we do agree that it’s the society’s mindset that needs to change, looking at the number of sexual predators roaming around us there is no harm in learning these techniques and teaching them a lesson, instead of being a victim.

More power to Nikita and Neha, who not only taught the molester a lesson but also registered a complaint against him even after knowing he is a cop and may try to affect their lives in future.

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