In a country full of diverse cultures and religions, food is the only thing that binds everyone together irrespective of the differences.And Kochi Metro with its simple yet noble gesture has shown us an example of how to use food as a barrier breaker. It is often seen that the laborers and workers who work day and night for the construction of our homes or any public infrastructures are ignored and underpaid, but Kochi Metro decided to change this notion.

Kochi Metro is scheduled to be inaugurated on 17th June by PM Modi and is expected to be one of the biggest changes in Kerala’s infrastructure. Prior to its inaugration, the officials decided to acknowledge the hard work of its workers by organizing a Sadya(feast). On Monday, around 500-600 workers from various metro sites were present on the venue for the lunch.They were served food on green banana leaves which comprised of rice with more than nine vegtable dishes,payasam and pappadam.

Most of the workers at the venue were from Jharkhand, maikngTamil Nadu and Bihar. KMRL officials along with MD, Elias George IAS were a part of the feast.There were cultural events organized for the laborers. A white canvas was also present where workers wrote down their names for showing their support to the organization.

Kerala has set a wonderful example for others to follow.This is the kind of treatment that should be given to them who invest their blood and sweat making our lives more comfortable.

All images sourced from Kochi Metro Facebook page


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