Recently we had shared Nishant’s story who had proactively helped a woman being groped in a flight. Now we’ve one more story hailing from Kolkata wherein three young men saved a woman from being assaulted and choked by an auto driver.

As per TOI report, Ajay Naskar, Jalal Ali Mollah and Sabed Ali Mollah were chatting a tea shop close to the Eden Court grounds, around 2km from Ecospace business Park at around 10 pm on Tuesday. Naskar moved around a little to relieve himself and could hear something that seemed like a woman crying for help. He immediately returned to alert his friends.

I had walked down a few meters when I saw an auto traveling towards the fag-end of the field, an area completely dark and deserted. I found it suspicious. I was even more startled by what I thought was a cry for help from presumably a woman traveling in that auto. I came back to the tea stall and discussed it with my friends.” Says Naskar.

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Initially, Jalal thought what he heard could be possibly a jackal’s cry. But lastly, all agreed to go to the place and have a close look into the affair. Contrary to their assumption that the driver might have gone there to booze, they could clearly hear a woman’s cries. They saw the driver assaulting the woman and choking her.

Naskar pulled the driver and took him into control as the driver, 28 YO Subhajit Nag tried to color it as a fare-related dispute. Meanwhile, Jalal and Sabed offered the visibly panicked lady water and what she told them was nothing similar.

The auto driver offered the three men to settle the issue amicably between themselves, to which Sabed denied and called the police instead.

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I told him we might be poor, but we respect the law. I called up the New Town police station and a sub-inspector, along with an ASI, arrived. The cops asked us to be witnesses, and we agreed. This is, after all, our responsibility.” Says Sabed who runs a vegetable shop. Ajay and Jalal are business partners and run a construction supply business.

They could have overheard the cry, could overlook the crime and leave the woman to her fate. A fate many girls meet everyday. But their honesty, presence of mind and morality saved a woman’s respect as well as, life. Everyone must be thankful to them for having spared us the pain of reading another horrible news headline in the next day’s news and saving one precious life.

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