Kolkata: Girl abducted & sexually assaulted by a guy in the presence of HIS mother and sister

While candle marches searched their end at the end of the path, and placards asking for justice got faded, the increasing number of filed molestation and rape cases are still hovering to be answered whether justice is served to victims.

The incident took place in Baruipur, Kolkata when around 8 pm a Class X student was returning home from tuition with her friends. The girl stated in her complaint lodged with Baruipur police that she was attacked by two motorcycle-borne in a place full of commoners, none of whom came to her rescue.

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The accused identified as 26-year-old Suraj Kurni then shoved her friends away and dragged her into his house. He ripped her clothes off, splashed alcohol over her and molested her in the presence of his mother and sister.

He (Suraj) splashed beer on me, tore my clothes and molested me. He even tried to tie my hands but could not. It was because I kept screaming that Suraj could not gag me…. Suraj’s mother and sister were present in the house when I was going through this. I somehow managed to free myself and ran out of the house.” The girl mentioned in her complaint.

The parents of the victim had been alerted of the happening by the friend of their daughter, whom Suraj shoved away. They rushed out and found their daughter towards their house.

The parents of the girl have told the police that accused Suraj lives in the same locality as them and has tried several times before to pass lewd comment at their daughter, he also didn’t hesitate to ask for her phone number. After getting rejected everytime he planned to teach her a lesson.


Suraj is now in police custody and the other guy is still to be found. “We are trying to find out what role the mother and sister of Suraj had played while the girl was being dragged into their house and molested,” said a police officer to The Telegraph.

It is really shameful to even imagine that how a guy can molest a girl who is nearly of his sister’s age. The more surprising fact is that his mother and sister preferred to keep their mouth shut even after watching a girl getting molested in front of them by their own blood.

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