Never passes a day in India when we don’t hear about heart-wrenching cases of sexual assault of women or even small kids. Adding to the list, here is one more horrific case from Kolkata where a three-year-old girl was brutally raped by a bus cleaner inside the bus while her 5 years old brother kept begging for mercy on his sister.

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Reportedly, the brother-sister duo was playing inside a park. The accused Sheikh Munna(45) was present nearby and lured the little girl on the pretext of giving her chocolate. He then took the girl inside a parked luxury bus and raped her brutally. All this while, her brother kept banging the door, pleading for mercy on his sister and allowing to let her go.

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However, his cries fell on deaf ears as the accused kept raping the little girl. After the boy realised that the doors wouldn’t open he rushed to inform his mother, a widow rag-picker, who along with neighbours reached the spot.

They forcibly opened the bus’ doors and discovered that Munna had assaulted the girl. “We saw the girl lying on a bus seat. Munna had blood on his hands and trousers. The child’s clothes were torn and she was bleeding profusely,” said the uncle.

The accused was thrashed by the crowd and handed over to the cops, while the girl was taken to the hospital where the doctors told that although she’s been brutally assaulted, she will recover. “She had bled profusely but her condition has improved since last night and possibly she will survive. Signs are clear that she had been brutalised,” one senior doctor said to TOI.

The accused 45-year-old Sheikh Munna has been arrested for his heinous crime.We fail to understand what provokes these people to rape a 3-year-old kid and leave her with a lifetime scar. We pray for the recovery of the little one and hope the accused is provided with the maximum punishment possible under the law.

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