India is a country where people don’t come forward with help if you are getting molested or you have met a severe accident, no, there won’t be even a single call to police or ambulance, leave aside the thought of getting help. However, dare you hug or hold hands of your partner and wait for the frustrated moral policing brigade to lash out their frustration and anger on you.

In yet another horrific incident of moral policing, this time from Kolkata, a couple was brutally thrashed and attempts were made to lynch them by a so-called “well educated” mob, most of which were people of elderly age groups. And the reason for the brutal assault is that the couple was standing “too close” and hugging each other.

This gesture by the couple didn’t go down well with the elder people on the metro and they pushed off the couple from the train and started brutally thrashing them. Clips of the incident have also gone viral which show these educated and elderly goons thrashing the man with fists and hands. Fearing the lynching of her partner the girl tried to act as a shield by covering him, only to become a target of the unruly mob.

According to a media report, the young man and woman had boarded the metro around 10 pm. The couple was then heckled when others traveling in the coach objected to the couple’s “PDA”. “Get a room” and “go to a club” was shouted at them.

A first-hand account of the incident was shared in Anandabazar Patrika today which states, the dispute had broken out between a young couple and an aged man who was livid over them hugging in the metro.

The report says that the argument, which was already heated, turned even fouler after a group of the co-passengers teamed up with the aged man and started abusing and threatening the couple.

“So far, only one person was yelling. But now, seeing the young guy throw sharp replies at the aged man stirred up the ‘conscience’ of others on the train,” wrote the eyewitness.

“One by one, others started raising their voices. Nobody was berating the couple anymore; they had graduated to straight threats, ‘Get down at Dum Dum, we’ll see you!'” he wrote.

As soon as the train reached Dum Dum, the eyewitness says, the mob “dragged the young man off the metro” and began assaulting him. Meanwhile, in her feeble attempt to protect the man, the young girl jumped in and became a target of the mob’s “punches, kicks, slaps, sticks” aimed at her partner.

When the couple was unable to save themselves from the unruly mob, a group of youth and women came to the couple’s rescue and helped them escape.

The incident has attracted a large scale condemnation from the Twitterati including prominent personalities

The photos of the incident were shared online and reached the office of Metro Rail. The officials say they are inspecting additional footage to establish what happened, the attackers and why no railway police intervened.

As per NDTV report, no official complaint has been filed with the Metro so far.

We hope the Kolkata Police takes against these educated goons who look so interested in lynching young couples over PDA. Just imagine the trauma and mental state of the couple right now! Today it was the couple, tomorrow it can be anyone of us. Sick world we live in!

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