The day since Nirbhaya incident, women don’t find bus travels as safe as before. We have brought you news of a pervert masturbating at the sight of a girl in metro and have also spread Dipesh Tank’s initiative for protecting women from molestations in Mumbai metros. But, not Everytime a Messiah can appear to our rescue nor can we afford to stay mute and naive. Such incidences keep on happening and a girl from Kolkata, Ananya Chatterjee teaches us how to handle them.

She was traveling in a bus full of people when a man started showing her pictures of male private parts on his phone. She didn’t freeze. And to the maniac’s utmost surprise sprang at his landing kicks on his balls and tight slaps across his shameless face. This broke his reverie and he apologized. But is it something to be forgiven? Certainly not! Ananya dragged him to the police station and also took Facebook to share the mishap and photos of the culprit with the world.

Have a look at the post that she shared

“Now it’s not even safe to travel in a bus full of people. I was traveling from Esplanade to my home this man seated on the seat behind me started this.This man kept on showing me vulgar pictures through the window behind me and now he was not done with that he sat beside me and started showing pictures of peni*es, even when I tried to ignore it for an hour. He elbowed me and made vulgar gestures.

And then I took step, I grabbed him and took his phone and kicked him in his balls, I slapped him and got him down the bus at Gauri Bari. He started begging in my feet that sister forgive me I will not do that again. He said I have not touched you and All this bullshit.

All the people around me said me to forgive and let him go. But I didn’t. I dragged this bastard to the police station and handed him over to them. And the officers were very cooperative with me. They supported me all the time when he accepted his fault. His wife came and begged in front of me that he is a good man, think of him as your brother forgive him and all.

The officers took the right action and supported me the whole time. A big thanks to Kolkata police. And it’s high time we stand up for ourselves. It’s not only a matter of our safety it’s a Matter of our dignity. Stand up, and fight back every f*cker who tries to harass you.

We’re proud of you girl! We need more of your kind to inculcate the fear in minds of people who try to obtain unnecessary advantages and sadistic pleasures by such obscene activities. And this fear, is necessary.

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