At a time when the whole country is divided on the issue of abolishing the Triple Talaq, with most of the people in favor of abolishing it, a 16-year-old girl Mampi Khatoon , who lives in Mullickpur Mandirbazar, around 55 km from Kolkata has reportedly uttered triple talaq to her husband who was opposing her wish to study further.

According to a report by TOI , Mampi was forced into marriage by her parents in 2015. Mampi’s father Sarjul Gharami who owns a tea stall and is a father of five children rushed to the marriage of Mampi as soon as he received a marriage proposal for her.

Mampi was in class IX at the time of marriage and wanted to continue her studies but succumbed to the pressure of her parents. However, she convinced her in-laws and her husband to let her continue her studies after marriage.


But, things didn’t turn as expected, and soon after the marriage, the husband’s family started to object to her desire of studying further.They began imposing household chores on her. Despite all the pressure, she managed to pass her Madhyamik exams this year. Mampi then expressed her desire to study further, to which her husband and in-laws refused.After few days, when she visited her parents’ house she told them that she wanted to study further to which her parents agreed.

She took admission in a school 9 kms away from her home, seeing her passion for studies the school headmaster Chandan Kumar Maithy also waived off her admission and school fees.

When the in-laws learned about her admission to the school they visited her parent’s home and started insulting them for daring to get her admitted into school. They asked Mampi to pack her bags and return with them, but Mampi’s parents stood with her.When things started turning ugly Mampi turned towards her husband and shouted “talaq” thrice leaving everyone stunned.”My in-laws were stunned. They left after that, but my parents stood by me,”TOI quotes Mampi. 


The incident has left the people divided over their stand on the issue, while some are saluting Mampi for her courage the others are in shock and anger and are or the opinion that a woman doesn’t have rights to give triple talaq to her husband. Maulana Abdul Mannan of Masoompara Masjid said, “Only a man has the right to give talaq to a woman. A woman pronouncing talaq is not acceptable.”

While the triple talaq due to its misuse and the improper way of implementation by our patriarchal certainly needs to be abolished in India, its use by Mampi is certainly a slap and eye opener for those who were supporting its improper implementation.Also, it should be an eye opener for the parents who go for child marriage instead of letting their children study further.Proper action should be taken against all those who are responsible for forcing Mampi into child marriage.

h/t : Times Of India

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