In the recent time, social media has emerged as a strong bridge between the people. From interconnecting the world to mass campaigns for something good we have seen it all. However, the most devastating thing that it has given birth to is online trolling including rape and death threats.

Masked by the online identity people often tend to cross their boundaries especially with women. Every girl’s inbox consists of messages from perverts which starts from asking for friendship and then turns out to be sexually abusive in nature.

An incident has been reported from Kolkata where a man named Agniswar Chakraborty sent rape threats to a stranger girl on her picture. The threat is so disturbing and gory in nature that it will make you fume with anger.The filthy language used in it and the disturbing details easily remind us of the horrifying Nirbhaya gangrape case.

Here is the man’s disturbing comment

According to the media reports, the victim had shared a picture on which the man had commented with a smiley. Since the man was unknown to the girl she removed her comment to which he responded with rape threats for her. He even dragged her 14-year-old brother in his comment.

A Facebook page named Shontu – United against Online Harassment, a platform for helping the victims of online threats is helping the victim register a case against the troll.

Over a conversation, the founder of the platform Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman said to The Indian Feed,”we’ve emailed the complaint to the Commissioner, Bidhannagar Police Station. There’s a petition addressed to the High Court which has been started by concerned citizens.

She added that earlier also the man has harassed many people online “A number of people have come forward with their accounts of his misbehavior towards them. Someone was actually sexually molested by him; we’re awaiting his full account of the incident.”

People have mass reported his profile for sexual abuse resulting in a deletion of the account by Facebook

Many celebrities have also condemned the incident and are asking the police to take action against the man.

The Indian Feed strongly denounces the whole incident, as simple as it may seem to troll someone it is never an easy task for the victim of online abuse to recover from the trauma We hope the police takes a strict action the man and sets an example for the bullies and harassers out there. We wonder how these people have the audacity to talk to a woman in such a manner

You can sign the petition demanding a strict punishment for the man here.


According to the latest info, the man has been arrested now

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