In yet another incident that puts humanity to shame, a 96-year-old woman was allegedly locked in the room by his son before he left for a vacation. Savita who used to live with her son Vikash in Choubaga area of Anandpur of Kolkata was locked since the 25th night and was rescued on Sunday, reported The Indian Express.

The police said that she was left with no food during the three days. When her daughter Jayshree Kayal came to visit her on Sunday she found the door locked. However, she heard some sounds coming from the bathroom, which raised her suspicion after which she called the police.

A police officer told the media,“Vikash had locked his mother in a small room at their house and went for a tour in Andaman. The victim has five daughters. One of them came home and found her locked inside. With the help of neighbours, she rescued her mother. She took her mother to Barrackpore with her,” said a police officer. Jayshree has lodged a general diary against her brother.


After she was rescued Savita was found lying among vomit strains in her room.
With teary eyes she said to the reporters ,”I vomitted twice. My son had locked me for almost four days. He had handed over the keys to the maid who had unlocked my room once and gave me food. But, the next day she did not come. I was feeling suffocated. As far as I know, he is holidaying outside“.

Vikash had left for Andaman and Nicobar for his holidays while Savita was sleeping.

TOI quoted 96 YO Savita as saying, “I had a few biscuits to eat. When I tried to eat them I felt like throwing up. I did not have any energy left to go to the washroom. So, I threw up inside the room and cleaned it myself“.

The incident shows how inhumane have we become, we can’t even take care of the parents who do everything to provide us every little piece of joy in life. The intentions of the man in the case were certainly not good. In case you feel you can’t even take care of them, ask for help or as a last resort old age homes are there where they would be certainly more happier than living in such miserable conditions.

Ht & Featured image : TheIndianExpress

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