Kolkata: An eight-year-old lost his life after the blast in Kajipara area on 9 Jessore Road in Dum Dum area on Tuesday and ten others were left injured after the incident.
The victim, identified as Bibhas Ghos was at a local sweet shop to buy a ‘mithai’ when the explosion hit the market area.

Ghos’ mother works as a domestic help in nearby houses in the area and decided to buy something for her son as the family she used to work for wasn’t in the house.
After the blast, the boy was refused from two hospitals saying that there was no proper facility to take him in.


Ruling Trinamool Congress blamed the RSS for the blast. ”I think this type of blast is similar to the ones carried out by RSS elsewhere,” West Bengal Minister Purnendu Basu said.

Eyewitnesses mentioned that the bombs had been kept in a jute bag. Splinters from the bomb had broken an iron shutter at the opposite side of the road whereas the window panes of the apartments of the building were shattered because of the explosion.

According to a report, Panchu Roy, the South Dum Dum chairman whose office is at the building in front of which the blast took place said, “I sit here on Tuesdays as a councilor. Many will come to meet me. They sit here waiting for me. It is a planned affair. The bag which contained the explosives was a strong one which is not available here. It was brought from outside. I come here around 9.30 am. I was the possible target.”

“Today is October 2, the day when Mahatma Gandhi was killed by a group. People who are trying to cause trouble across the state are likely to be involved in this blast,” he added without naming anybody.

Officials ran to the spot after the blast, including Rajesh Singh, commissioner, Barrack Police Commissionerate. The area was sealed for the forensic officials to collect pieces of evidence.
‘It was a high-intensity blast. 4 people seriously injured, 6 injured. Found some iron nails but can’t ascertain ’cause of blast yet as there is no smell of gunpowder,’ police said.


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