Kolkata: A political science professor from the city’s Jadavpur University courted controversy on social media after his Facebook post regarding “virgin brides” with sealed bottles.

Kanak Sarkar, the professor with approximately 20 years of experience deleted the post where he not only questioned a girl’s culture and values but also mocked at other boys who remain such fools that they are not aware of the benefit of having a virgin girl as a wife.

“Are you willing to buy a broken seal while purchasing a bottle of cold drink or a packet of biscuits?”

“A girl is biologically sealed from birth until it is opened. A virgin girl means many things accompanied as values, culture, sexual hygiene” and “Virgin girl is like Sealed Bottle or sealed packet”, said the post.

Sarkar, who was also accused of sexual harassment two years back stays defiant at the moment, hiding behind the walls of freedom of expression.
After stating that he has written quite a few posts favouring women, he mentioned Taslima Nasrin and her views regarding a particular religion to support his freedom of expression statement.

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