There seems to be no end to the ongoing criminal cases against the kids in schools all over the country. In last few months after the Ryan murder case, a large number of sexual assault or corporal punishment cases have been reported from schools all over the country. This includes even the posh schools who charge a hefty amount of fees from the students in the name of facilities.

In yet another shameful case of child sexual abuse, a 4-year-old student from GD Birla Centre For Education school in Kolkata was allegedly sexually abused by two PT teachers inside a school toilet on Thursday.When the girl’s mother picked her up from the school she noticed blood stains on her clothes and the kid was also complaining about pain in her genitals.


The parents of the 4 years old student told cops that two PT teachers lured their daughter with chocolate to an unattended toilet on Thursday afternoon and sexually abused her, TOI reported.She was shown pornography and was molested. The girl went back home but was too shocked to tell her mother.

After the girl started passing blood with urine she was taken to a pediatrician by her mother, suspecting it to be a case of UTI. But the doctor told her that the child had been sexually assaulted.

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Later, the reports also confirmed assault. Police have now arrested two accused in the case identified as Physical education teachers Avishek Roy (32) and Md Mofizul (30) on Friday after the girl gave a video statement and identified them from a set of four photographs shown by investigators on the same day.They have been booked under the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act.

When the child was shown the pics she identified the duo and reportedly told “Dushtu Sir” or “Bad Sir”. Parents have alleged that there were no working CCTV installed in the school to which the principal confirmed and said they will do it by the end of the month.

Around late night angry parents gathered around the school and kept the teachers confined to the school and demanded the principal’s resignation and arrest. Around midnight, RAF was deployed around the school. After the principal and the teachers were taken out of the premises, a few police personnel were even physically assaulted by the parents.

Parents raised several questions about the absence of basic security at the school, including lack of CCTV cameras, abandoned toilets, and recruitment of male PT teachers in a girls’ school.

Strict action must be taken against the accused and school management as well who despite charging a hefty amount of around Rs 5000 per month fail to take proper security measures to protect the kids. Once again we urge our readers to teach their children about good and bad touch. Inform them that one apart from them has the right to touch or kiss their private parts. The large number of sexual abuse cases in the schools really raised a question over the credibility of these posh schools who charge a hefty amount of fees from the parents in the name of security and still fail to provide security to the kids

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