Nowadays people can go to any extent for money. Corruption has crossed the limit many years ago and now, people are becoming inhuman with each passing day. Children no more hesitate to murder their parents for the sake of money and property. But, preserving their dead body to withdraw their pension? That’s something really horrifying.

Kolkata witnessed a re-run of the Robinson Street incident. 45-year-old Subhabrata Majumdar was preserving his mother’s dead body in his residence at James Long Sarani, Behala in the south-western edge of the city.


Subhabrata’s mother, Bina Majumdar died three years back on April 7, 2015. Being a retired FCI officer, she used to receive a monthly pension of Rs. 50,000.

Subhabrata, who is a leather technologist by profession, was unemployed for a while. After his mother’s death, he decided to preserve her body using proper chemicals and by keeping it in a freezer. So that he could use his mother’s thumb impression to withdraw her pension.


“The family is economically stable since his father is also a government employee and receives pension regularly. Bina too would receive pension. Their son seems mentally normal so far. There is a possibility that he might have stored the body to continue receiving his mother’s pension. But so far, we haven’t found any evidence to establish that theory. A probe is underway,” DCP (Behala) Nilanjan Biswas said to The Indian Express.


Subhabrata lied to his neighbours, “His son told us that his mother’s body was kept at a mortuary – Peace Haven — since she donated some of her organs for the purpose of medical research. But one of our friends grew suspicious because of the stench of chemicals at the house. We then alerted the local police and yesterday a team of officers came and found the body inside the freezer,” stated Ashok Neogi, one of his neighbours to News 18.

Subhabrata’s father Gopal Chandra Majumdar was fully aware of this incident but he was scared to alert the police about this. Investigation is still going on.

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