Kolkata: Born a special child, the boy’s heart saved the life of Rakhi Mondal, a Howrah resident. His liver was sent to Delhi to save another patient and his corneas were grafted on two people in Patna.

The boy, who was the youngest in his family, had learning difficulties and was speech impaired, but was treated no differently than his siblings.
“We had admitted him to a special school in Himachal Pradesh but after he didn’t show any progress, we brought him back. Since then, he has been at home,” said his father, while speaking to TOI, who is a farmer from Hilsa village in Nalanda district, around 50 km away from Patna.


After a day of the surgery, even though the kidneys couldn’t get retrieved, the emotional mother told TOI, that her child saved many. She added that her child could have saved two more lives, given that the kidneys were retrieved.

“I am alive today because of a kidney donated by my elder son. The transplant made me realise how invaluable an organ is. When I learnt that my son’s condition was critical, I told them that even if they fail to save him, they should ensure that his organs survived,” said the mother.

Even though she has studied till class 10th, she proved that education is not a benchmark to make the right decisions in life. Even the educated fail to realise the importance of organ donation and saving the lives of the others.
She also mentioned that she had undergone a kidney transplant at Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences last year.

Talking about their child’s incident, the boy’s father said, “Since he was a child, he would hang out on the terrace. When we left the home that morning, he waved at us from there.Around 2 pm, we got the call from home and learned he had fallen off the terrace. Neighbours rushed him to Nobel Hospital in Patna.”

The parents reached the hospital and found out that their child had suffered a brain haemorrhage and was supposed to undergo a brain surgery to drain blood out.
“It was killing to see him lying motionless,” said the mother. The doctors decided not to do the surgery because his condition started deteriorating.
The couple then decided to donate the organs of their child in order to save someone else’s life.


“I felt a part of his brain was beginning to get affected, though his organs were working perfectly. I told the doctors that I wanted my wife’s wish to be fulfilled,” said the father.
Because that hospital had never retrieved organs from a brain-dead person before or declared one ever, they asked the parents to shift the patient to Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Patna where the boy was not only declared brain dead but his organs were retrieved as well.

The liver was then flown to Delhi, the heart to Kolkata and the corneas were retrieved as well, losing both his kidneys.
“My son’s kidneys would have helped two more persons who may be as critical as I was a year ago. It is sad that the doctors could not retrieve them. It is perhaps inexperience. Now that the health department and IGMIS know what needs to be done, I hope they meet with success the next time,” said the mother.

Their story should inspire everybody and one should definitely rethink when it comes to organ donation. Our decision can save lives, and let’s all look at it from that point of view only. When we have the choice to save someone, we should do it without a blink of an eye.

Last month, a 3 year year old child save three lives via organ donation.

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