Whether its a forceful act of acceptance or acknowledgment towards this sensitive issue, unknowingly in Kamala Girls’ School in south Kolkata, set of parents upon called in for a talk, barged into the headmistress’ room after their kids were made to sign on a confession letter that they were lesbians. The teacher claims that after some students complained about these 10 students, they were called to talk regarding the issue and these kids accepted it before signing.

The acting headmistress Sikha Sarkar says that their main objective is to counsel the children and bring them on the right course through efforts at both home and in school while parents had this thought that it could be similar to some sexual assault and a source mentions that the letters were given back to the parents upon the demand.


Malobika, co-founder, Kolkata-based NGO Sappho for Equality – The Activist Forum For Lesbian, Bisexual Woman and Transman Rights – puts up her opinion saying why is it even necessary. “What happened with those girls is abhorrent. Not only were they singled out on the basis of a few complaints, which could very well have been pranked, I don’t understand what purpose did the whole exercise serve? Are students in co-ed schools asked to write a confession about their heterosexuality when they are seen spending time together?”

It is a tradition in this school, as claimed by a former student, that any intense friendships between girls are frowned upon and that the atmosphere is very oppressive. Either the child is penalised for something or some action is taken thereof which is not always right.

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