“I was deeply hurt by the loss of 40 jawans in the Pulwama attack. We Indians are all one citizen and we should help each other in all possible ways. I wanted to help the army and their family members.” Says Murtaza, the scientist from Kota who was born without eyesight to India Today.
He is currently in Mumbai pursuing his research activity.

Mr. Murtaza Hamid has written to PMO expressing his wish to meet the Prime Minister and hand him over the sum that is to be subtracted from his taxable income only. The scientist also claims to have built a technology that can trace cars laden with explosives without any GPS. He calls it Fuel Burn Radiation.

Talking about the technology that he’d proposed three years ago that could’ve stopped the Pulwama attack if accepted, he said, “Any type of Interference with the fuel, like the one used in the blast can be detected once it is connected to the fuse,”. He is confident that the technology can stop further such attacks.

It’s good to see citizens like Murtaza realising the share of duties they owe towards the soldiers of the Nation. We hope his technology gets access to ample of trials so that our soldiers can be saved from dying an untimely death.

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