At some point of time, all of us must have come across women who work as sex workers, what we do next is we just ogle at them, pass a shameless smile or judge them for their profession. This poem collectively written by Mohammed Sadriwala, Simar Singh and Navaldeep Singh and performed by actor Kunal Kapoor takes us through those red light areas with a different perspective.

The poem is all about forced sexual slavery and prostitution and the struggles of these trafficked women who face a lot of hardships to feed their family.The poem takes us through the journey of sex workers who were forced into the flesh trade and are now trying to earn some money for their children.They are sold for money sometimes by their own family or are tricked into the industry by middlemen. Kunal conveys all the emotions in the poem with a beautiful amalgamation of Hindi and English.

He tells us the story of those girls who were abducted at the age of 16, girls who were sold on the pretext of marrying but are now selling their bodies to make their ends meet whereas their families are still waiting for them to return. With a request to pass a smile full of compassion instead of lusty glare Kunal requests us to come forward for the noble cause and help in making a difference to their lives. By combining art with a social cause Unerase poetry and My Choices Foundation is doing a great job here.

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According to My Choices Foundation, India is home to over 18.3 million of the world’s 45.8 million slaves. Every 3 minutes a girl is sold into the sex trade, where she faces daily rape and abuse. The average age of these girls is only 12 years old, with many as young as 6! And out of these only 15 children get rescued. The campaign is intended to rescue these girls from sex slavery. You can consider donating to their fundraising campaign here

A smile costs nothing!! For you it’s just a smile For someone it must be a compassion from a distance. Stop being judgemental, try being human!

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