Today, almost every woman has a story to tell. A story of harassment or molestation. But not many admit or speak of it. They just get accustomed to act like nothing ever happened. Maybe that’s how they are groomed. Taught to keep shut.

But here is a girl Afreen Khan who chose to speak. Speak how her own dad got rid of her and her mother taking the aid of the three talaqs. Speak that she was the illegitimate child of her biological father. Speak that her new (step) dad was an animal who exploited her sexually when she was merely 11 YO.

She speaks how even her mother didn’t come to her rescue. How she was coming left alone to stand the storm on her own. And she speaks to her own dad as a poetry.

Uploaded by Tape A Tale, and recited by Afreen Khan this spoken word poem is heart-wrenching and will leave you speechless. In case you have faced a sexual abuse this will make you punch your harasser in the face, and in case you haven’t you will surely get to understand the pain of the survivors and victims

We don’t know whether her dad listens or not. But you’re listening. So please keep your ears open to such feeble cries. You never know whose suffering might end with your interference.


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