Maybe, miracles don’t happen. But when medical science, goodwill and a strong willpower join hands, life triumphs. And that’s much of a bigger thing than a miracle. Let’s get into the story to exemplify this.

Uday Sardar, 45 is a daily laborer. He had left home for work at around 6 am on Wednesday. He had been working on the site for over a week and was plastering the roof of a one-storeyed building when he fell off the scaffolding at around 11:30 am. He was stuck as three rods perforated his torso and found a way from the other side. His friends arrived at the spot alerted by his scream and found him bleeding profusely, but conscious.

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The laborers did something really wise here. Instead of pulling the injured out of the fixed rods, they chose to cut the rods and set him free from the structure. The next moment, Sardar was in an ambulance backed by his friends. When he arrived at Baruipur Hospital, he couldn’t be helped much. Given a dose of tetanus and saline to make up for anticipated sepsis and blood loss, he was referred to CNMC, Kolkata.

Reaching CNMC, Uday posed a big challenge to the doctors. Though investigations confirmed that the rods that have mercilessly traversed his abdomen, they have just grazed vital organs like liver, kidney and intestines. None of the viscera was damaged beyond repair or punctured.

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The doctors gave a thought at involving PWD engineers to saw the rods but soon dropped the idea fearing the aggravation of injuries that the vibrations could cause. Finally, 7 doctors formed a team and performed an open surgery upon Uday for 3 and a half hours to declare it a success!

“We wasted no time in doing the surgery,” said Sandip Gosh, the medical superintendent and vice-principal of CNMC, who was himself part of the surgery team. “A medical board was formed with the heads of seven departments. All of them took part in the surgery. He was extremely lucky, for the rods could have split his intestine, liver or a kidney. These organs were scraped, but not injured significantly. Sardar will have to remain under observation until we can declare him out of danger.


Kudos to the doctors! Kudos to the friends who brought the victim on time to hospital and fought a share of his battle against death. And lastly, Kudos to Uday who traveled for 2.5 hours and didn’t lose courage for 8 long hours till the operation got over at 7:30 in the evening!

Debi, Uday’s wife was cooking lunch for their daughter when she heard of her husband’s accident and reached Kolkata with some neighbors.

Why we shared this article with you? Well, firstly for those who think ‘suicide’ is always on cards whenever life throws challenges, look. Look closely. This is how a brave man fights for life. Look and take the lesson. Next, in an era when luxury cars don’t apply brakes at the cries for help by a road traffic accident victim, these poor and little-educated labourers did a thing even humanity would bow to. We wish Uday, who is not yet out of danger, a speedy recovery, lastly.

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