In a society where talking about death is still a taboo, there are few fearless souls who not only chose to talk about their own death but also cracked jokes about it. Narendra Mahatre, Poonam Issarsingh, Manudevi Singh, Janice Powell cracked jokes in this standup comedy act and all of them are terminally ill.

Below are some of the lines said by them which will show how they have tackled their problem even after knowing that their days are numbered.

Poonam Issarsingh, a heart patient, jokes about why she applies makeup before taking selfies

Sixty-four-year-old Narendra Mhatre, both of whose kidneys failed him four years ago, has now received the kidneys from his wife says: “I got a kidney transplant, after 35 years, she finally gave me a gift”.

“Americans wish their president would be like me, he doesn’t last long!”

The event was organized by Palliative care, which aims at boosting the confidence of terminally ill patients and their families and changing the way people see death. Instead of watching death as a devastating event they help people to take this as life ending event with acceptance.

Watch the full video here: 

All of the patients were trained for the stand up comedy performance by leading standup comics Kunal Kamra, Kashyap Swaroop, Punit Pania, and Vinay Sharma.

Indian Association of Palliative Care was supporting this event.


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