Port Blair: A Sentilenese community who has been living in the isolated chain of Andaman and Nicobar islands killed an American National who was illegally ferried in that area by the fishermen. The community has been living in that area without any contact with the outside world for a long time now.


The American who was killed was identified as John Allen Chau. A murder case has been registered and the fishermen who took him there illegally have also been arrested.

According to TOI, Chau had a strong desire to meet the Sentinelese tribe and had previously visited Port Blair quite a few times. He reached the island on November 16, 2018, and his body was spotted the following day by the fishermen.


A day after the news was discovered, a letter from him to his family was also found where he stated, “You guys might think I am crazy in all this but I think it’s worth it to declare Jesus to these people.”
“Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed,” he pleaded.

It was later reported by The News Minute that Chau was shot at on November 15 itself, when he first met the local tribesmen at the North Sentinel Island. Before he could say anything, the tribesmen had their bow and arrow at hand and started shooting at him. Chau panicked a bit and also tried to persuade the locals but he failed. The next day the fishermen who came back to the shore to commute him back from the island discovered that the Sentinelese tribesmen were burying a body at the shore.

Speaking to India Today TV, CID SP Deepak Yadav said, “We have registered a case against these fishermen as they should not have taken Chau there. It is very unfortunate. The sensitive tribe has been living here for 60,000 years. They are not to be contacted. The Navy and Coast Guard patrol the area to prevent people from entering the island.”

Meanwhile, a committee has also been set up to look into the events of John’s death. It will also “review the institutional mechanism to prevent unauthorised entry of any foreign national in the prohibited/restricted areas and also to suggest measures to prevent such incidents in future,” the police release added.

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