We have fought our battles. We have been through the worst and still have risen up, again. That’s enough to prove that all of us are ‘fighters’, some of us might be ‘winners’, but none of us is a ‘loser’. Life has shown each one of us a face that it has never shown anyone before. We have faced it in our ways and have conquered the chaos. And those who have tried to teach us the ‘right’ way to live life, will never acknowledge this. That life isn’t same to all. That life isn’t fair to all. That there is no single ‘correct’ way to live it. The correctness varies from life to life, from person to person. One can’t live his/her life in someone else’s way.
Kudos to us, kudos to our might and kudos to the lives we’ve lived!

Here are 15 shayaris to describe how it feels to deal bravely with life and all of us would certainly relate to it!

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