“Yesterday as I was travelling in train to Palakkad, this TTE was doing routine stuff, was stern yet polite….Never felt he was extraordinary.

But after sometime, a family of five, seemingly from some interior place/village got in.The TTE checked their tickets which was till Coimbatore and asked where they wanted to go from there.They replied they were going for a pilgrimage to Velankanni and had to catch a train from Coimbatore at 1 am.

The TTE checked their tickets and said , “If I tell you something, you may all feel disappointed. The ticket you have reserved is for 25th , 1am train that had already left today early morning….You need to have reserved tickets for the train on 26th to travel by the train from Coimbatore….”

Hearing this the family including 3 small kids almost lost all their happiness….

It was then that the TTE proved himself to be extraordinary. He said ,”I shall try to help you book tickets online”.This is him helping them with online booking in his own mobile.

When we think of our nation and its development, small things like a change of attitude to ‘help fellow countrymen’ are the ones that reinstate our belief in governments and public systems….and makes one feel proud as an Indian….

#VandeMatram !

Courtesy nityamohanan”


Source : Vishnu Vardhan Fb post

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