When we stop at traffic posts, it is usual to find children running to us with something in their hand. They plead with us to buy or even some children beg for money. Mostly, we un-see or overhear them. But sometimes, a child with some physical disability successfully draws our attention and out of sympathy, we spend few bucks on him/her.

Do we ever try to read their story? How they lost hold of their childhood at such a tender age?

Here is a post shared by the famous Bangladesh photographer GMB Akash. This is the story of a flower seller Lutfa who speaks us her story in her words.


My mother flew with me when my father wanted to make me disable, after my birth, so that he can use me, for begging. I do not know, what my mother actually does; she sleeps the whole day and works at night when I sleep. We live in street, our neighbors and police call me ‘whore’s daughter’, mom told me not to reply them, as bad people always talk bad. I am a flower seller, I sell flowers, I do not beg. But people have no time to look at flowers. I pop into the window of big cars and see beautiful children, with their parents. Sometimes I wonder, didn’t their dad want to sell their organ or want to make them disable for begging! One day a rich mom buy all my flowers for her girl but when the girl wanted to give me money, she said not to touch me, I might have a disease. The baby girl threw the money in the air and I caught. The day made me best flower seller among all’ – Lutfa


We never know who is fighting what battle in life. What misery hides behind the brightest smiles. Next time when we see such people struggling for basics in life, if not much, we can smile at them, buy their things though we might not need it or even pay them a little more than what it costs. What’s ‘not too much’ for us is ‘so much’ for them!

(This story has been shared with the written permission of the photographer)

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