Sikhism and Gurudwaras are no new mentions when it comes to helping people or raising the bar of humanity to new heights in times of chaos. The gates of Gurudwaras are always open to everyone anytime be in a war like situation, a mob protesting in the city or a natural calamity, they never fail to amaze you and always restore your faith in humanity.

Source : Financial Express

Recently a French tourist family witnessed the same when they got stuck in Mumbai floods and ended up at a Gurudwara to spend the night.

Source-Hindustan Times

Arie and Sophie Boleswaski along with their three daughters were stuck in Mumbai rains on Tuesday and went to three hotels in Dadar in search of a safe place to spend the night but couldn’t find a suitable place. Then one of the hotel owners redirected the family to the Gurudwara.

Kulwant Singh, Vice President of Dadar Singh Sahab speaking with Hindustan Times said “They were one of 750 victims of Mumbai floods who came to the Gurudwara in need of shelter and food. Considering their concerns and the fact that they are our guests, we ensured they are not inconvenienced in any way.”

The family refused any special treatment and choose to sleep on the floor. They were offered Dal khichdi for dinner and a small room was provided to them by gurudwara as they were concerned for their safety.

“One of our worst experiences in India turned (out) to (be) one of our best and we learned a lot from you,” read the thank you postcard, written by Arie and Sophie Boleswaski and their three daughters to Dadar Gurudwara.

The family returned to Paris on Wednesday after the roads were cleared and the local transport resumed. In favor of heartwarming hospitality, the family also chose to donate to the cause of public welfare.

Source- Hindustan Times

Please accept this small contribution to everything you do for the souls in need. If you happen to come to Paris, please let us know,” wrote Arie and Sophie Boleswaski in the postcard.

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