They say that the most difficult pains in the world are to give birth to a child and to see your child dying…

Rajashree(48), a private-school teacher lost her 27 years old son Prathamesh because of a chronic brain tumour in 2016.  His mother used her son’s cryopreserved semen for a surrogate pregnancy after his death, which was suggested by the doctors to store before the chemotherapy and radiation starts.

Prathamesh, who was unmarried, had nominated his mother and sister, Dnyanashree, to use his semen sample after his death.


She was very attached to her son, he didn’t complain about any pain or vomiting, he was academically brilliant, in his last days even helped his sister for board preparations. Little did the woman know that she would get her son back through this.

“Not once did my son complain of a headache or vomiting. Relatives who were cautious and wondered how to console him drew inspiration from him instead. He taught German to students and guided my daughter who was in class XII and also preparing for JEE,” said Rajashree.

He graduated from India and moved to Germany to pursue his Master’s Degree in 2010, later in 2013 he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour after which he was brought back to India by her family and got his treatment from Hinduja Hospital where his condition was still improving somehow.

“The doctors here, especially Dr Milind Sankhe, treated him and we got another three years with our son,” Rajashree and her husband Narayan said.
The darkness was delayed however entered their lives when in 2016 cancer recurred Prathamesh soon lost his speech and was bedridden. He died on September 3 that year. Rajashree completed the formalities at the semen bank in Germany and approached Sahyadri Hospitals, Nagar Road for an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure.

The cryopreserved semen was used to fertilise a non-family anonymous donor egg and the embryo was then implanted in a close relative. “I am menopausal, so doctors ruled me out for the pregnancy. A married relative offered to be the surrogate mother and she handed over the twins to me the minute they were born,” said Rajashree.
She kept the names of the twins – Pradhamesh and Preesha. Denying to be treated like a granny, she believes she is a mother to the kids and her determination and positivity towards the whole concept was commendable.

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