In relation to an incident which took place on February 24 where post-lunch, a girl studying at LSR was attacked by semen-filled balloons on her way back to the hostel, another incident just took place which is too shocking to believe. It happened that a girl studying BA History from DU was attacked with three semen-filled balloons, surprisingly from a home-balcony.



On Wednesday, the students’ union of Lady Shri Ram College approached the Delhi Police and complained about semen-filled balloons being hurled at women students.
“One of our friends was hit by three balloons around 8 pm,” a student who requested to not be named told PTI. “She called us for help. We told the police about the house from which the balloons were thrown and demanded action.”
Later, after police checked-up on the house and concluded about the action, the family of the girl who attacked wrote an apology.

After these incidents, upon requests put up by Students’ Union, Police have increased motorcycle patrolling near the college and they have urged the students to put up complaints immediately if such incidents repeat.

It is so distressing to accept that a festival which was once celebrated for love and unity is not being taken for granted with the tagline of ‘Bura Na Maano Holi Hai’. It has lost its meaning, understanding and purity. Now the festival, instead of with colours, it is celebrated with mud, tomatoes and all sorts of sticky colours which are not at all pure. Artificial content which is harmful ( literally ) is being promoted which needs a good barrier so that it can be stopped. We really hope that the society understands the meaning of consent, permission and accepts it the way it should be done.

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