It is such a matter of perversion that people walking here and there throw balloons with semen or ink or any substance for that matter without any consent, in the name of Holi. And what follows it, a scream of ‘Bura Na Maano Holi Hai’.

In a recent incident of Amar Colony in Delhi, a girl of LSR Tolino Chishi was walking home after a tiring day where suddenly she was attacked with liquid-filled balloons which spilled on her Kurti and leggings, only later when she reached to hostel and when she realised that it was definitely not the smell of water and even the patch didn’t seem like it – she concluded that it was semen. Horrified and Angry she took up to Instagram and posted in a two-part post about the incident.


Shocking was, when she observed that no one came to her rescue, no one even noticed what just happened to her and that maybe its a daily thing for them, maybe harassment is normal.


Tolino is from Nagaland, and in the city of Delhi, she was not spared without being called ‘momo’, ‘chinky’ and related. What even was her fault that she is from north-east or why is it that she should even be concerned with the features she has inherited?
In the city, which has one of the finest colleges in the country, a city with more than 18 million people of different backgrounds, why is it going downwards instead of having a rising graph in the matter of safety and security?

Another case was when Drishti Maan posted on Instagram about her experience when she was attacked with the balloons in the name of ‘Holi’. No matter what the substance is, any attack or poke without the consent is something which has to be called-off, something which needs abandonment. Another was when a girl was attacked with ink. “This is not new. Sure, I didn’t get semen thrown on me, but men flinging balloons on us and calling us names using the excuse of Holi is a regular affair around this festive time. I have been experiencing such things for the past two years. Men often ride by on bikes and make it a point to target girls specifically. Harassment is normal for them,” Sange Thungon says.

It should be duly acknowledged that any action without consent is inappropriate, uninvited and unacceptable and it needs a sweep as soon as possible.

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