No wonder that in most of the parts of India menstruation is still considered as Taboo. However, a village head in Uttar Pradesh set a milestone by breaking all the stereotype. He made people understand that menstruation is a natural biological procedure.

Mamta and Pramila, residents of Khairahi village in Lucknow suddenly stopped attending school in the middle of the term without giving any proper reason. Later the village head Hari Prasad found out that the girls were dropping out from the school for something so natural as menstruation. “The girls felt embarrassed for something which is the very basis of life,” he stated to the Times Of India.


Within two months Prasad learnt that the number of girls who miss their school because of menstruation, was large. Then only he decided that he would not let it happen furthermore. He started a campaign and soon his ideas got a shape of reality as he became part of health department and Unicef’s project Garima. He worked in places like Mirzapur, Jaunpur and Sonebhadra. He visited the girls’ house, met their parents and talked to them. “I told the fathers that if females do not have periods, no one would be born. This is the way nature has made them and this was not a matter to be ashamed of in any way,” he said to the TOI.


His hard work paid him back as 35 girls of his village started going to school again. Not only did he encourage these girls but also ensured them to provide sanitary pads for menstrual hygiene. His urge to help them regardlessly earned him the title of Padman.

A study by the Uttar Pradesh government showed that 60% of girls stop attending school while having their periods and more surprisingly 19 lakhs of girls quit studies.

Needless to say that this brave move of Hari Prasad is willing to gift a new life to many girls.

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