The father of the suspected terrorist Saifulla , who was killed on Wednesday in Lucknow in an operation by the UP Anti Terror Squad, refused to accept his dead body.

Terming his son as “anti-national”, Sartaaj, father of Saifullah said the family will not accept his mortal remains.”A traitor can’t be our son. We are Indians, we were born here, our forefathers were born here. One who indulges in anti-national activities can’t be our son… we won’t accept his body,” Sartaj said to ANI.

According to a report by ANI Sartaaj said Saifullah had left home a couple of months ago after he had beat him for not working. He added that in the last conversation Saifullah had with the family, he told them that he was going to Saudi.

At least for an hour suspected terrorist Saifullah’s brother and UP Police tried to make him surrender as he was hiding in a house in Haji Colony of Lucknow .When all efforts failed to convince him , ATS units stormed into the residence he was hiding in and gunned him down around 2.30 am on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, the family of Muhammad Faisal and Mohammad Irfan, who were arrested by the ATS said the duo were innocent and alleged a foul play.Three were picked up by the Uttar Pradesh Police from Kanpur in connection with the train blast which happened in a general coach on Monday morning. As many as ten passengers — three of them critically  were injured in the blast.

All possible efforts were made by police to dissuade Saifullah but he was adamant despite his family’s intervention, reports DNA.

Senior police officers opened channels of communication and made his brother Khalid speak to him for at least one hour.

Saifullah, however, was not willing to listen, rather he was hostile and did not respond. He was “screaming that he wanted to die”.

His brother Khalid then tried to bring in their father Sartaj to talk to him. Sartaj was in tears and tried his best to convince him. He told Saifullah that he should devote himself to studies and not terror activities.

At one point, his brother Khalid invoked Prophet Mohammad and asked Saifullah to give up in the name of Prophet. Saifullah, however, was not prepared to listen to anything. Officers said he was indoctrinated to a point where family members found it impossible to make him see the other side.

According to India Today , a senior police officer said ,”His family members were shattered when they discovered that someone who had spent his childhood and best years of his life with them was not willing to listen to them at all”.

ISIS flag, train timetables, 8 pistols, 650 rounds of ammunitions, explosives materials, gold, cash, passports and SIM cards recovered from the encounter spot. While six people have been arrested in Madhya Pradesh, police said they believe at least two people linked to the group is still at large.

Image , News source : ANI ,DNA

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