M.P: Mother yells daughter is corona positive in court to stop Court marriage

When the entire country is worried about Covid-19 testing and the incidence of false negatives, in a bizarre episode of false positive in Madhya Pradesh, a mother yelled that her daughter is corona positive even though nothing as such happened.

A 22-year-old woman had reached court in Khandwa with a boy, belonging to the same caste as her, for their marriage. But before she could even say her name to get the marriage registered officially, her family reached the court premises and announced that their daughter is infected by coronavirus.

The young couple, both residents of Bhalai village under Ampapur area of Khandwa, had reached district court along with their friends and were in process of filing an affidavit to get married in court.


Things were going smooth but right after the announcement, a scuffle broke out in court, as people dashed away from the courtroom right away. The groom’s family and friends took him away immediately, and even the typist and the lawyer hurriedly left the courtroom.

However, according to the district health department, there is no such report of a girl testing coronavirus positive in the area.

According to The Times of India, the boy’s family liked the girl’s family and had no objection to the marriage however the girl’s family disliked the boy’s family and did not want the marriage to take place. However, when they saw that the marriage was still going ahead against their wish, they decided to restart to the last moment theatrics in a desperate attempt to sabotage the marriage.

Though the girl’s report has yet not come, district health department officials claimed that she has been put under home isolation for the next 14 days as per government protocol.

District chief medical and health officer DS Chouhan claimed that the girl’s sample was collected after the family reported the matter. “We are yet to get the report, but the girl has been put under home isolation as per the government protocol,” claimed Chouhan while speaking to TOI. “The girl would be taken to a quarantine center or COVID care hospital if she is found positive,” he added.




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