Washing hands before having any food item is a pre-requisite to save ourselves from germs and virus. But what if, your food is already polluted with some organs of an insect.Yes, you read it right, this is what happened to a person when he entered to Mac Donald’s Cafe in Bangkok to have a cup of coffee with his friends. He was served with a cup of coffee in which legs of cockroach were floating all over.


The incident came to light when the customer with the username “Nostalgic Eik” posted the photo of his cup of coffee on Facebook showing “cockroach legs” floating on the top.The post grabbed a lot of attention and people started sharing the post showing the lethargic behavior of Mac Donald’s towards food safety.

“I initially thought the cockroach legs might have been in the cup before the coffee was poured in. I told a staffer there and I was given a new cup of coffee. But it seemed that the problem remained as I heard the staffer ask a colleague whether the coffee maker was washed or not. I felt bad when I heard that,’’ the Facebook user wrote.

After the Facebook post went viral and people started asking Mac Donald’s about its stand on the issue.McThai, the operator of the McDonald’s fast-food chain in Thailand, posted a statement on Facebook to “apologize for the incident” and assured customers its employees would follow the global fast-food chain’s safety standards.

The statement released in Thai said the manager of the outlet had apologized to the customer after learning about the incident and customer was provided with a fresh cup of coffee immediately.

The statement further read that staff at the outlet had not ignored the problem. They had opened the coffee maker and checked and cleaned it in line with the company’s food safety standards. The company later took away the coffee maker for inspection.

Though the Mac Donald’s has apologized for the inconvenience to the customer and sent the machine for inspection, an incident like this poses a serious threat to the safety and hygiene being maintained at these major food joints. This is surely not the first in such cases, many other food joints have also faced the heat for unhygienic eating conditions.

In a world where big brands are selling everything from a mere cup of coffee to big homes, it’s important for them to follow safety guidelines to serve better to their customers.We hope that incident like this does not get repeated in the future and becomes a source of learning for these major food joints.

Translation source : Bangkok post

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