Maharashtra: Father and boyfriend arrested for repeatedly raping a 17-tear-old teen, making her pregnant and killing the fetus.

How sick a crime is too sick? Humans beings seem to stoop to new lows with every passing day. In an abominable incident, a 17-year-old girl in Maharashtra was allegedly raped by her father and boyfriend following which she became pregnant, and then her fetus was killed and dumped on the road, police said on Monday.

Both the accused, the victim’s father, 51, who worked as a school teacher, and her 21-year-old boyfriend, were arrested in the early hours of Monday, they said.

Three days back, the police found a dead fetus on a roadside in Vasind town of Thane. As the police delved deep into the matter, it came to light that the fetus belonged to the victim, assistant police inspector Yogesh Gurav said to the Times of India.

Women participating in a rally against Rape: source

The police immediately contacted the victim and brought her in, for clarity on the matter. During questioning, the victim told the police that she was allegedly raped by her father and boyfriend several times following which she became pregnant, he said.

The police also came to know that the victim and her family earlier lived at Panvel in neighboring Navi Mumbai. It was there that she got acquainted with the 21-year-old accused and then they eventually got close and had an affair. However, her family members were opposed to the relationship, and in an attempt to thwart them from pursuing the relationship, they shifted to Vasind but the victim and her boyfriend continued to meet, the official said.

Based on the victim’s statement, her father and boyfriend were arrested and a case was registered against them under Indian Penal Code Section 376 (rape) and provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, he said. A DNA test of the accused will be conducted as part of a further probe into the case.

Crimes against women have been on the rise in India: source

The rising rate of rape cases in India has been of growing concern in India. Women’s safety measures have looked good only on paper, but implementation has been abysmal coupled with a painfully slow judiciary, which has resulted in the acceleration of heinous crimes fearing no repercussions. For change to happen, women’s safety policies must be decentralized and must necessarily involve workers at the ground level, with no standard implementational guidelines. Social workers must be given complete license to undertake strategies best suited for reform and structural changes in society. Only then, will India be a safer country tomorrow. 

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