The notification which relieved people of insecurity and unsafety in buses of our country has finally come into effect from April 1.

It comprises of installation of VTS and panic button, together, forms the intelligent transport system (ITS) which will help the authorities to track the location speed and other details of the vehicles with a single click. To make it stricter, RTO has officially refused all the vehicles which come under the effect and have not installed the system. Two-wheelers, auto rickshaws, and other such commercial vehicles that do not require permits have been exempted from the regulation.


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The cost of the installation will come to around 10,000- 12,000 and monthly fees of 100-400 will be charged accordingly.

As there is a lot of confusion on the part of the installation of existing vehicles, the devices have to be necessarily installed by either the manufacturer or the dealer.

AL Quadros, taxi union leader, said, “The regulation will be an additional burden on cab drivers who bought vehicles in March. They were unaware of the new rule.” Quadros said that they would protest the decision.

“Even after calling on multiple numbers, the police never arrives on time. What guarantee do we have that the police will arrive immediately after passengers hit the panic button?” said Harsh Kotak, a bus operator. They have a point though and should be looked into by the authorities.

These small yet directive issues must be cleared out to avoid any loss on the part of the nation and individuals that way.

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